Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Jerrell Howell


This week I met this guy by the name of Jerrell Howell. This guy and I had so much in common it was sort of weird. First, we are both student athletes! CSULB was not his first choice, he originally was going to go to Maine for a baseball opportunity; I originally was going to go to CBU for a soccer opportunity. He ended up choosing CSULB because he doesn’t have to pay anything out of pocket to attend here. Second, we are both first generation college students in our families. Although we both know that we have a long way to go before we can be successful, we are both proud of going to college. Third, we are both basketball fans, the only difference is that the teams we support our rivals. He goes for the LA Clippers and I go for the LA Lakers. We actually had a discussion about what team is better, although his team might be better this year, they still have never won a championship. The LA Lakers on the other hand have 16 championships.

Jerrell is undeclared at the moment but is very close to focusing on health administration. My only advice to him was that he should do whatever he feels is right for him and will make him happy. I enjoyed my conversation with Jerrell and I hope him the very best in his finals that are coming up and on the rest of his life.

Go check out his blog!!! :  Jerrell Howell22.wordpress.com


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