Week 14- Classmate Conversation- Joseph Awadallah


This week I got to meet a cool and funny dude named Joseph Awadallah. I knew from the start of the conversation that he had a good sense a humor. When I asked him, “What is your current major?”, he responded “Honestly man, I’m a lost cause. I am undeclared and have no idea what I want to do yet.” I laughed and begun to tell him about my educational goals and I suggested that he should have a look at my intended major, which is sociology.

We had a lot of mutual interests, such as soccer and playing FIFA. The crazy thing was that we actually had a few mutual friends. He happened to play soccer for Cypress High School and so did some of my ex teammates from club soccer. Joseph and I joked about them for a while and both concluded that the world isn’t so big after all.

I hope Joseph the best of luck in trying to find himself and I hope someday we can play the beautiful game together.

Please check out his blog!!! —–>   https://josephawadallah.wordpress.com/


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