Week 13- Classmate Conversation- Tatiana Costa


Tatiana Costa is a second year Kinesiology student at California State University of Long Beach. Her and I had a lot in common which made our conversation much more enjoyable for the both of us. We are both the oldest child in the family and we agreed that we have a responsibility of being a good role model for our younger siblings. A responsibility that is forced on us by our parents, and can be very annoying at times. Tatiana is also taking this class for GE credits and just like me, she enjoys this class a lot; her favorite activity was the student choice.

She went to Gahr High School which is less than a ten minute drive from where I attended high school. I was stoked when she told me her favorite sport was soccer cause that is the sport I am most passionate about. Tatiana follows U.S. soccer and her favorite team is the LA Galaxy, it was sort of a bummer that she didn’t watch European soccer because I know a lot more about it than U.S. soccer. I enjoyed my conversation with Tatiana and I hope I see her around campus in my upcoming semesters at CSULB.

Please check out her page. It is really cool!! —> https://costatatiana.wordpress.com/


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