Week 13 – Artist Interview- Marty Knop


Marty Knop’s gallery has been one of my favorites this semester. I have always been a fan of futuristic computer art works. Looking at his art made my mind wonder various questions. What is it? Where is this from? What does it mean? Are all the different shapes and colors code for something? See, this is the beauty of Marty Knop’s art. It requires you to use your imagination to understand the masterpiece. Some of his art works seemed extremely similar to abstract art because of the blending of different shapes.



Above are my three favorite art pieces of the gallery. What I found so cool about these three was that they all contain the same design; same shapes throughout the whole piece. the only difference was the colors of each of the shapes in the design. It took me a while to figure out that the three pieces all had the same design. Just goes to show that just the smallest change in this type of art creates such a big difference between the pieces. I truly enjoyed Marty’s gallery and hope to see more of his art sometime in the future.


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