Week 12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe


Ashley Sharpe’s solo BFA Printmaking show! Even though Ashley has never owned her own cat she has always been real fond of them. She enjoyed playing with her roommate’s cats because it would at times relieve some of her stress. Her show is a tribute to cats. Cats are important because they help people overcome challenges in their life with their peaceful presences.

I thought her exhibition was very cool to look at. The picture above shows my favorite art work from her show. I liked every detail from it. Adding the extra eye to the cat as in saying that they have an extra perspective, also having such a jungle like background portraying a cat in the wild.

I really enjoyed her show, because I know what a role pets have on a person. They can be your best friend and be there for you when no one else can. Ashely Sharpe is a very talented artist and I hope she succeeds.

For even more information about Ashley Sharpe you can email her at ashleylovespeace@hotmail.com or follow her on Instagram @artmadebyash


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