Week 11 – Artisit Interview – Gabriel Garcia


“The current culture of masculinity has a negative impact on us all” – Gabriel Garcia. Gabriel’s art exhibition was all about how the idea of a “macho” man has given society the wrong ideal of how a man is suppose to act or look like.





The 5 pictures above tell a story. A solider in the Philippines went to a bar a began drinking and he started to pick up this girl. He later found out that the girl was not really a girl, but in fact a transgender. When he figured it out, he got so angry at the fact that he had been flirting with a guy the whole night that he killed the transgender. What astonished me the most about this story Gabriel told us, was the fact that the man can get the maximum penalty for this homicide.

I enjoyed Gabriel’s art and think that the message he is trying to put out there is incredibly powerful. No one should ever question their own sexuality because they are afraid of what society might think of them.


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