Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Hung Trinh


Today I met a cool dude by the name of Hung Trinh. He is from West Minister which is not to far from the school but with traffic it can be quite a hassle. This is Hung’s second year at CSULB and we both agreed that semesters fly by. He started as a Chemistry major but then moved to Public Health because he did not enjoy his chemistry classes.

Hung Trinh only has one older brother which is struggling to find himself in life. Hung is really proud to be the first in his family to go to college. As a youngster he had a few problems and he never thought of attending a four year university. He actually only applied to CSULB and when he got accepted he decided he was going to college.

Hung and I had similar views on life. We had a good conversation about karma, the good kind and the bad kind. Both of us think that if you help out people in their time of distress, people will help you when you are in need of it too. Also, If you go around disrespecting people and giving them a hard time, bad karma will catch up with you. I’m glad Hung was one of the classmates I was able to have a conversation with this semester.

Please go check out his website:  https://hungqtrinh.wordpress.com/


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