Week 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

Short Term, Long Term Relationships

In this piece of art work, Dawn Ertl said that it represented “the various types of weather patterns”. Honestly, at first sight, I did not see it as weather patterns. The title of the work is “Short Term, Long Term Relationships” so I related the different length of the strands to human relationships. Some relationships are short term and some are long term, but just like the strands, each type of relationship is beautiful. Each relationship is worth something, they make up each “strand” in your life.

This exhibition was Dawn Ertl’s MFA project. She always knew that she would want her final project to be hanging from the ceiling. The inside architecture of the building made it perfect because of the railing in the ceiling. Like many other people she used music to put her in the zone, it got her in the mood to create such a beautiful masterpiece.

Please support Dawn Ertl and take a look at these websites!! :




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