Week 9- Classmate Conversation- Stevie and Leah

We are about half way through the semester now, so I decided that this week I was going to catch up with my friends Stevie and Leah which I met in Week 2. I had seen them from time to time but I was never  able to really ask them how everything was going for them.

Let us start with Stevie. From what she told me her semester is going really good, she is passing all her classes with flying colors and she is getting closer to graduating!! She talked about her boyfriend and how things couldn’t be better for them. Stevie is such a happy person so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to me when she was mentioning all this to me.

Now Leah. She is also having a great academic year, and getting closer to graduating. Leah told me she is still considering medical school, and I told her that she should really go for it so she can make some big bucks! We talked about the EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and she was persuading me in going this year by how she was describing it to me.

Well I was glad to catch up with these two girls. They are truly amazing. So go take a look at their websites. LeahBloomfield.com   StevieLee.com


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