Week 9- Actvity- Architecture and Urban Planning

Cognitive Design of Campus

I chose to adopt the CBA Building because it was the first building that I went into at CSULB.

The College of Business Administration building is one of the eight college departments in CSULB. Business studies at CSULB started in 1949 with only 24 students and 4 faculty members. It has grown a lot since then. Now it has about 3,600 students and 115 faculty members. It wasn’t until 1967 that the college changed to Business Administration and it wasn’t until 1992 that there was an official name change.

The building holds many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration. This Building holds future business owners, financial advisors, stock brokers, accountants, marketing professionals, managers, CEO’s, etc. Most importantly this college building holds the students that make up the best student government in CSULB.

My design for this school is fairly simple. I chose to put similar buildings together and instead of having more than one building for one department I merged them. For example, PH1 and PH2 are now just PH. I put parking on both sides of campus because it find it unfair that we have to walk across the campus to get to a class in upper campus. I have all athletics in one zone so it can be easier to find sporting events and I also put parking zones around them so whenever students go to sporting events they won’t have to walk too far. The main goals for my design was to have classes closer to parking and to put similar things around each other to make it easier for similar people to interact.


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