Week 7- Artist Interview – Jesse



Jesse’s whole idea for these two art pieces is to make people have to look at his work more than once to really understand what’s going on. He wants to people to relate his work to their own perspectives of how nature is suppose to look like and how it is not suppose to look like. For the first art work, I really like the contrast of the broken part of the mirror to the rest of it. It looks like it was a picture taken in the desert judging by the clear blue sky and the rocks and dirt the mirror is laying on.

The second art work is interesting to me. Having a sheet of grass in what looks to be a rocky desert is crazy. Grass that green would never be able to grow in the desert. Jesse really did a good job in challenging his audience’s mind, because anyone who will or has seen this art work would start thinking about grass being in the desert being impossible, yet Jesse did it.


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