Week 6 – Classmate Conversation- Christian Posada


This is my new friend Christian Posada. He is a psychology major and is taking this class since he always liked art and also he had to make up some credits. Christian commutes just like me, we started of talking about how annoying morning traffic can be. We both agreed that if it wasn’t for music we would end up hitting someone because of our road rage. We also had the same music taste, not a lot of people like all types of music.

I tried talking about sports to him but he did not seem interested. He later told me that he never really liked sports since he is not good at them.

Christian saw the art galleries with me and Leah. We all enjoyed the work in Gatov-West the most. He was a chill dude, and I hope he can join Leah and me to view some more art in the future.

Please go and check out his blog!!

I          I          I          I          I

I          I          I          I          I

v         v         v         v          v

CPQ Creative.com


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