Week 6 – Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti


Alanna’s art was different from anything I have ever seen. The creativity behind it left me breathe less. Her own personal experiences inspire her work, she makes some of her experiences very vivid but throughout her work she leaves a sort of mystery that she just refuses to reveal. Another thing she puts into consideration is the “negative and positive results of outside influences upon the individual psyche”.


This piece of art made me think about how many women are many times women pressured by society to get pregnant. The broken egg to me symbolizes how some women are not ready to get pregnant and it causes them so much stress that they can’t take care of themselves, which leads to a miscarriage.

I really liked Alanna’s art because each one of her works made me think and reflect about society and myself. I really hope I can see more of her work in the future.


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