Week 5 – Activity – Kick Starter


This film project really caught my attention. This video shows how important music is to a movie. It made me want to acquire more knowledge about the process and the people who make the movies I watch so much more meaningful. If I wasn’t a broke college student I would have definatly donated some money to their film project.


This film project didn’t catch my attention at all. First of all, their video didn’t really provide any real insight on what someone who donated would really be helping on making. Second of all, and most importantly, the film is being described as a violent comedy. I don’t see how violence can be made into a humorous movie.


This music/campaign project really caught my attention. The video provided me with a lot of information about the music video and campaign trying to be produced. This project is really trying to shout out a message. I respect that very much. Sadly, I don’t have the finances to donate to them but I really hope they raise enough money to be able to get their message heard.


This music project is, in my opinion, really bad. The video didn’t convince me at all to donate. It involves one of my all time favorite horror movies, yet I would never donate to this project. The CD of the EP of Nightmare on Elm Street, is not such a good idea to me. The movie is great but that doesn’t make me want to buy it’s soundtrack. It is horror movie for god’s sake.


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