Week 4- Activity- The Mina Show

Mall 2

Today in my Show I went to the mall to explore. I talked to this young lady at Lids. She wasn’t having such a good time at the mall. She wanted to go to the gym but her “annoying sister and cousin” wanted her to drive them to the mall to go shopping. I thought it was really funny. She allowed me to take a picture with her and didn’t even ask me why.

Mall 1

Some stores had some really interesting shirts haha. I didn’t buy any of them but they did make me laugh.

mall 3

The coolest thing I saw was this electricity ball. I asked some strangers to put their hands on it too but refused. They weren’t as cool as the girl at Lids.

It was pretty weird to me having my cousin take pictures of me at the mall and having people just stare at me like “why is there a girl taking pictures of this guy constantly?”. But it was a really cool day and I got to make a friend.


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