Week 3- Activity-Instagram


Instagram is a great way to show the world a small glimpse of your life with your pictures. This week in my Art110 class we did a cool activity in which we posted 4 pictures on IG with the tag #art110s15 and saw how we are all connected in a community.

I found that a lot of people in my class like taking selfies. I personally don’t like taking selfies so I didn’t post one. Also, there was many pictures of pets, which was not surprising to me. Pets play a big importance in people’s lives and help them with their problems when sometimes no one else can.

Other similarities between our class was the love for food that every one has. There were lots of pictures of food and drinks. It’s kinda funny how we like to show our followers what we are grubbing on, or drinking. image

It was a pretty cool project. It was interesting how many similarities all of us had.


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